PTI Manufactures Laboratory Asphalt Testing Equipment

Pavement Technology represents a new and innovative addition to conventional and superpave hot-mix design protocols.  PTI manufactures a broad line of laboratory sampling and testing equipment for the hot-mix asphalt and aggregate industry.  PTIs goal is to help improve the quality of the worlds roadways. 

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  • Honesty & Loyalty in all aspects of Business
  • Respectful & Integrity for our Internal & External Customers
  • Commitment to Innovation and Excellence
  • Reliable, Dependable & Service Oriented 

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Hot-Mix Asphalt  

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  • Departments of Transportation
  • Ministries of Transportation
  • Civil Engineering Research Universities
  • City & County Municipalities
  • Hot Mix Asphalt Contractors
  • Private Construction Materials Testing Laboratories
  • Federal Highway Administrations
  • Federal Aviation Administrations
  • Aggregate Contractors.

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What we do?

  • Manufacture Innovative Asphalt Laboratory & Aggregate testing equipment

  • 24 hour customer support & service for all equipment

  • Provide Installation Operational Calibration & Maintenance training for all equipment

  • Provide training schools for PTI equipment 

  • Provide complementary testing for customers materials

  • Provide Equipment Financing Options​

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