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Parts List 

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Equipment Manuals

Air Dryer, Mist Separator 

Air Filter Regulator with Meter

Air Pressure Gauge

Aluminum Angle Brackets

Aluminum Connector Bracket (load cell)

APA Beam Fatigue Mold -
300mm Length x 125mm Width x 75mm Height  

APA Beam Rutting Mold -
300mm Length x 125mm Width x 75mm Height

APA Side door lock  

Auto Clamp Cylinder

Booster Regulator

Cylindrical Rut Mold -

115mm Height x 150mm Diameter

Cylindrical Rut Mold -

75mm Height x 150mm Diameter 

Cutting Disc

Door Limit Switch Mounting Bracket

Digital Regulator

Flow Control

Hose length adjuster

Hose Rack Cylinder

Hamburg Rut Mold -
62mm Height x 150mm Diameter
*Additional sizes are availble

Load Cell for Foamer

Lock out valve

Muffler for lock out valve

MTS Transducers

Name Plate

Omron Timer

Orange Coil Hose

Rubber Rut Hose

Small Loadcell Plate

Suspension Table for APA Jr.

Two way valve

Transducer with Slim Pack

Wheel Cylinder              

Wheel Cylinder Rebuild Kits             

Making sure your equipment is sound and secure is incredibly important, yet companies neglect their equipment. Like everything it requires maintenance.

If you haven't had your equipment inspected recently, we're here to help. Maintaining your equipment is a low-cost way of ensuring you get more life out of your machine and it runs accurately.


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